Game Day Superstitions and Rituals

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     I think most of us would agree that high school, and in some cases college sports, help most of our community 

families thrive during the school year, especially when one of our children, relatives, or favorite teams is competing.

In our experience the family unit tends to learn many useful tools during this time for sure. Scheduling is a bizarre 

function, mostly led by mom and dad. Then there are the rituals family develop, certain that a break in that lucky 

tradition will cause the team to lose. In our home it was pretty normal stuff: wash the socks or not, eat pizza before 

the game or after, take a shower just before you go or not, always ride with dad or mom, and make sure you talk with 

your girlfriend; this one was for SURE. You all know of what I am writing about here. Mary Jo and I found them 

amusing, most of the time.

     No doubt that families develop bonds that last a lifetime. Communities bind together to support the team, travelling

many miles "on a school night." "Let's get there early to get a good seat." You all know the drill. As a coach I had my 

own checklists and times to get dressed, etc.

     As the new school year begins, we (Victory Promotions) start another year of articles highlighting area athletes. 

Our first year was a rousing success, better than we could have hoped. I heard from coaches, friends, family, 

community members, and athletes, about the "great idea" initiated by Chuck Lamon and the staff at Victory 


     To kick off school year 2017-2018, we are honoring all of you: the fans. We salute the thousands of moms, dads, 

and all of the fans out there who are the force behind all of the good and, in some cases, bad things that happen 

before, during, and after sporting events.

     What is most important to those of us involved in this project is to send a huge thank you to the good fans out 

there, those who continue to make attending sporting events fun.

     Send us your favorite game day superstition, or ritual, and we’ll pick a few of our favorites and send you a Victory 

Promotions’ prize pack!

Thank you, fans, and I hope to see you out there at an event.

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